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The LatAm Concierge™

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After getting dozens of DMs and emails asking for consulting about all tings’ LatAm, I decided to offer something for the good sers.

Which brings me to…

The LatAm Concierge™

Wat means?!

If you hire me to help you live the life of your dreams in paradise, I will eliminate any and all of the “LatAm learning curve” — a learning curve many experience when enjoying cross cultural “connections” in the most dangerous region on earth.

Myself included.

See what had happened was…

During my first few years of traveling LatAm, I fucked a lot of tings’ up. Sure I had a damn good time and fell in love with this region of the world — but I also…

  • Got jumped by gangsters in El Salvador 🇸🇻
  • Accidentally overstayed my visa in Colombia 🇨🇴
  • Got my credit card stolen and charged for $3,000 USD while using the bathroom in Panama 🇵🇦
  • Wasted a month of my life in the shittiest city in Peru 🇵🇪
  • Bribed cops to avoid going to jail on false charges in Mexico 🇲🇽
  • Got thrown off a horse down the side of a mountain in Colombia 🇨🇴
  • Tore my rotator cuff in the Dominican Republic 🇩🇴
  • Had a knife to my neck in Mexico 🇲🇽
  • Literally threw up on a group of Grandmas in Peru 🇵🇪
  • Got scammed by a girl for $1,500 USD in Colombia 🇨🇴

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

The reality is things can go wrong quickly in Latin America. Just the reality of living in the most dangerous region in the world.

But here’s the thing…

Many a broski that ends up traveling and spending time in LatAm — ends up living here for the long-haul.


Because the juice is worth the proverbial squeeze!

On paper, many wonder why why any western-male would want to stay down here. But LatAm offers much for the red-blooded male looking to live a damn good life:

  • Freedom
  • Endless adventure
  • World-class beaches
  • Insane hikes
  • Incredible dating options
  • Wild nightlife
  • Low cost of living
  • Easy to become a Permanent Resident
  • Second Citizenships

Damn near everything the broski would need to live like a king and — enjoy the hell out of it!

TL:DR — Full details at the bottom for those interested.

How I Can Help You

Getting back to the…

The LatAm Concierge™

I’ve made all the mistakes down here. Pretty much any issue or problem you could face while living in LatAm…I’ve experienced it over the last decade.

Due to this fact + my high-level “travel autism” and shit, I can confidently say I’m able to help you:

  • Find the perfect city and/or country for your personal tastes
  • Build a lifestyle around things you love to do, like: surfing, hiking, martial arts, etc.
  • Stay SAFE in LatAm while living like a king
  • Live an amazing life for “pennies on the dollar”
  • Confidently sign local leases
  • Immigrate to your country of choice — legally
  • Invest in LatAm
  • Date beautiful Latinas
  • Find the ideal girl to start a family with
  • Learn the local language
  • Get free flights
  • Find a trustworthy maid

…And much more!

I can help you eliminate the “LatAm learning curve” and avoid the dreaded “Latin Hammer” — to ensure you seamlessly move down south and enjoy the lifestyle of your dreams.


Who This is NOT For?

Well, I truly believe I can help most red-blooded males live a damn good life down south.


This consulting program probably isn’t a good fit for the broski who is:

Already a “LatAm veteran” who speaks Spanish/Portuguese, has permanent residency and/or a second passport, and is living his dream life south of the border.

Of course, if you also…

  • Don’t want to live in LatAm
  • Don’t value your time
  • Love to make rookie mistakes costing you cold hard cash and tons of time

Then yeah, this probably isn’t a good fit for you, either.

And if we’re being honest…

Some red-blooded males just prefer to book a flight to some random shithole, figure shit out for themselves, and get reckless.

I get that too.

There was many a years where I had far, far more time than money — and could afford to make some mistakes and waste time fucking things up.

That stage of me life is over now and I do prefer to use money to solve problems quickly and save time.

Who is This For?

This consulting program is for one type of broski…

And one type of broski only:

The man who values his time.

If you’re a red-blooded male who has been thinking about going to LatAm, but hasn’t pulled the trigger yet because you’re…

  • Stressed about taking your first trip to LatAm
  • Unsure about where you should go with so many amazing options
  • Worried about safety
  • Not sure if you’ll like it
  • Concerned you won’t be able to speak with the local people
  • Anxious about your dating options
  • Ready to start a family
  • Uneasy about moving your family abroad
  • Thinking about getting permanent residency and/or second passport

I will help you eliminate all those issues. I will help you plan out all your LatAm travels — from A-Z.

Eliminating any and all learning curve to ensure your move to LatAm is smooth-sailing.

Here’s How It Works

The LatAm Concierge™ is a six-month engagement for red-blooded males looking to come down to LatAm with specific objectives and goals.

Ultimately being…

To live a damn good life south of the border.

Essentially, the program works like this:

1. To Start…

You’ll fill out a questionnaire to start. This helps me get to know you and the “why” regarding your desire to travel and live in LatAm.

Then we’ll get on a two-hour intro call and get to know each other.

We’ll dig deeper on LatAm living and begin to formulate an action plan tailored to your specific wants and needs.


2. Action Plan

After our initial call, I’ll present you with an action plan detailing exactly what we talked about.

From the basics like place(s) to go — all the way to getting permanent residency and/or your second passport.

Your action plan will be detailed to your exact wants and needs.

Then we’ll start executing.

Executing your personal action plan…to ensure you live the life of your dreams in LatAm.

3. Monthly Calls

Throughout the six-months working together, we’ll do a 1-2 hour monthly call to discuss how things are going for you in LatAm.

We’ll dig deeper and make sure you’re on the right path during your LatAm adventure.

Then will discuss what you want moving forward, how we can eliminate any negatives for you, and more.

Striving to make things as smooth as possible for you while in Latin America. 

Then we decide on action steps moving forward…

Some examples might be:

  • Where to go next
  • How to get residency in your country of choice
  • Finding a trustworthy local maid
  • Having my Spanish-speaking lawyers look at a rental agreement
  • Optimizing your dating life

The list could go on and on. Your plan is based on your wants and needs.

4. Monthly PDF

Once we’ve done our monthly call, I’ll present you with PDF within the week detailing the plan for next month.

Basically, you’ll get a full on breakdown on exactly what we discussed and how we can execute.

If you find a city you love and plan to make it a base, we will put together a plan and help you execute:

  • Finding long-term apt
  • Finding long-term maid
  • Checking contracts with our LatAm legal team to avoid problems

And whatever else might come up.

Once you get to this stage, shit becomes a hassle dealing with local realtors, finding a trustworthy maid, etc.

5. Private Messaging with Me

Furthermore, you’ll be able to hit me up on Telegram anytime with questions, concerns, change of plans, etc.

So we can solve any issues that come up promptly.

I’ll respond promptly with answers to any questions, comments, or concerns.

If we need to jump on a quick call to quickly figure something out, we will.

If anything requires extra attention and execution, my team will be available to help you solve problems.


Paying lawyers, etc. to get residencies and/or second passports is NOT included in the cost of this consulting program.

Ready to Get Started?

Enough of ze’ fluff…

Here’s the details:

The introductory price for this consulting program is $2,500 USD.

Paid upfront. Non-refundable.

We’ll work together to ensure your life in LatAm is exactly how you want it. My concierges services will eliminate the “LatAm learning curve” and ensure you don’t waste time and money.


Once payment is received, I’ll email you within 24-hours to get things going.

Sinple 🥂

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Six-months concierge consulting on all things LatAm, including phone calls, monthly actions plans, access to my network of providers throughout the region, and more.

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The LatAm Concierge™

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